Monday, February 13, 2012


Here are the kids' special Valentine's treats from my mom and dad- so cool! The kids LOVED it! And even Mary Beth's American Girl got a package!
Isn't that adorable? MB was beside herself...

Today we also finished up the classroom valentines. Mary Beth and I made each child in her class a hot/cold pack using rice, flax seed, and peppermint essential oil. I got the idea here.
She loves loves loves sewing and craft projects... I wonder where she gets that from??

Obviously this was quite a bit of work for a class of 24 students but I think it was worth it... they turned out really cute and MB and I had tons of fun making them.
And meanwhile we had a special little baby hanging out with us for 6 days! More baby pictures to come... she was so sweet and the John, I and the kids adored having her here.
I have more Valentine's prep pictures coming too!

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