Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas with Nonna & Nonno {part 1}

our tree with all the presents ready to be opened

here's with a flash so you can see the beautifully wrapped presents better
{my mom is the best wrapper in the world by the way!}

the kids were so excited to begin- so some rough-housing and silly business ensued...

the kids were so excited to give my mom the bird house they had built and painted for her

they each painted a side

she loved it- of course!

I saw this adorable glass fairy house at Bakers and had to get one for my mom- I knew she would love it and I was right!  Oh, and I got one for myself too :)

Every year we get my dad chocolate covered cherries- since I was little- because we thought he loved them.  Then one year he asked why we kept doing that because he doesn't like them that much. HA!
So then I just kept getting them because we all think it's hilarious.

My parents gave me so many awesome presents- here is the window bird feeder I've been wanting and some homeade birdseed muffins my mom made- isn't that neat??
She really outdid herself this year- wait until you see the other homeade presents in the next post...

More to come!

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