Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas with Nonna & Nonno {part 2}

look at how adorable this is!

my mom made this amazing present for the kids-
it started with a little tree they put together

and then some sparkly garland went on

then they opened this box which contained the sweetest animal ornaments that she had glittered herself!
She used those small plastic animals you can get in themed packs(for kids), screwed in little jewelry loops(is that what they're called?), and then glittered each one a different color.  It is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

The kids absolutely LOVED it!

Jammie time!  Mickey went CRAZY over his new angry bird pajamas.

this was his reaction!

another gorgeously wrapped gift!

Mary Beth LOVED this special gift- another handmade one from my mom... so precious!

She painted and glittered this little house(it is Mary Beth's "dream house" that she always talks about) and cut and made those tiny window boxes out of wood!  There's a Christmas tree inside the house too- the roof comes off- and she even painted the bird bath and wheel barrow pink!

It is way better in person- these pictures don't do it justice.

The kids also got a basket of all the materials they need for a unit study on Egypt and the boys got some archeological Egyptian activities.  We can't wait to start on it!

Here they are modeling their new jammies!
There are many more pictures and many more great presents- I realize I didn't get any of John though!
THANK YOU THANK YOU again Mom and Dad- we loved everything and you made all the presents so special!  We were so happy that we got to celebrate Christmas early with you both!
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