Friday, December 21, 2012

The Holidazzle Parade!

We finally saw it!  The downtown Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade.  And let me tell you... it was COLD!!!  Very cold.  Not just Missy being dramatic cold but real cold- to the point that John even admitted it was cold.

It was worth it though.  The parade was really cool and the kids loved it.  Afterwards we sprinted a few feet down to our favorite English pub:  Brit's Pub  for fish and a beer.  YUMMY!
Then we ran over to Macy's for the famous 8th floor A Day In the Life of an Elf display.  We enjoyed it just as much as last year.  It ends with a visit with Santa of course!  Fun, fun night.

(These pictures were all taken with my phone so excuse the poor quality.)

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