Sunday, September 1, 2013

Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion {Rollag- 2013}

So fun here!!  If you've never been and you live around Rollag- please go next year.  It was really fun.  I just wish it had been about 20 degrees warmer!
The day before was HOT and then it was FA-REEZING... this area has the silliest weather I tell ya!
Steam Threshers is so inexpensive by the way- 50 cents for a box of popcorn and the same for a big cup of hot apple cider(which really came in handy!)- and the bestest thing:  $2 GIANT ice cream cones!  The kids were so excited- they each got their own big cones!  Normally we share things to save money.... but they had participated in a treasure hunt(digging around in sawdust for coins and prize tokens) and found enough money for 2 cones!  And MB won a train whistle. :)
The train ride was free, as well as the kids admission and everything else there besides the food.
We will definitely be making this an annual tradition- the kids loved the playground(see-saws!) and towards the end of the day we discovered the best part:  old-fashioned Main Street!  Story of our life...

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