Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"my new 'merican girl"

meet mary beth's new "merican girl" Lanie. she is also (according to mary beth) suzie's(her bitty baby) big sister.
while we were in chicago my mom surprised mb and julia by telling them they would be able to go to the big american girl store and pick out their own big american girl. the girls were so excited!
we kind of thought mb would pick out one of the historic girls but she insisted she wanted one that looked like her. but she also loved the new girl lanie- so she got the doll that looked like herself and then named her lanie and we got some of lanie's clothes and accessories to go with her. julia picked the real lanie.

mb said "i finally get the big bag!"(shopping bag)- I think it was bigger than her...
so jeffrey offered to hold it and she held a smaller one. i think jeffrey was just as excited as mb was! he kept helping and smiling and talking about her new doll. he's so sweet- i think he just really feels great joy and happiness when mary beth is happy. he rarely ever acts jealous.
here are the girls with their new dolls- they were so thankful and smiley. it was a fun memory for everyone. thank you again mom for getting mb her special doll- she shows and tells everyone that comes to the house about it.

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