Saturday, July 24, 2010

a new beach

We have finally checked out Buffalo River beach and we love it. The kids want to go back every day. And that is fine with me- as long as it's not on a Saturday or Sunday. We were warned but we thought yeah right, how busy could it really be?? BUSY.

We found a tiny area on the sand to squeeze into and the kids promptly got into the pond/watering hole/teeny tiny lake- whatever it was- and spent the whole afternoon in there. They said it was very warm(I suppose it would be since the mass of water was astonishingly small.

It was difficult for the kids to work on anything in the sand because apparently this gang of beach ruffians thought the entire stretch of shoreline belonged to them. They would come over and throw our toys out of the way and carve out additions to their 3 mile series of canals and various waterways. I stood an inch from them- nothing. I glared at them with my missy glare- nothing. So then I had to yell at them not to touch my kids' toys and castles- they glared at me and moved 2 feet down. Kids today...

As usual, I was the only one bothered and the kids and John just had the time of their life. John says I worry and obsess too much?!?!?!?!?! I have no idea what he means by that.

Look at this little cutie.

Here's one of the smaller ponds the thugs dug up. Jeffrey tried to take possession.

Not many pictures of Mickey- he was way out in the middle of the water for most of the day. We think we like the concept and temperature better than Detroit Lakes plus it's closer. Now, just as long as the no one else is there on the same day as us I'll be fine. :)

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