Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the Porters go green!

Align Center
This past weekend, after thinking about it for months,
we finally got a composter(the turn-y kind from Sam's Club):
and a rain barrel:
Incidentally, we just got this set up before the storm the other night and by morning the overflow hose was shooting water out onto the ground!(it's a 50 gallon barrel)- wow, that's a lot of water! Now I want one under every gutter and I would never have to use the tap to water our yard again! I know this one isn't very "pretty" but it's in the back and it was on sale at Menards for $55(reg. $70)- and it gets really great ratings. The more attractive ones are about $200 and you have to order them online. I might consider this next summer to put one in the front on the side of the house(where people will see it). I thought this would be a good starter one for us. I never in a million years thought it could fill up that fast(considering it didn't really start raining until 4 in the am that night and John saw it overflowing at 7ish! Crazy!

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