Wednesday, July 14, 2010

puddle jumping

Yesterday it rained all morning and then when the sun came out the kids put on their rainboots and went out to jump in the puddles. They could only find 3 near our house but that was plenty for them to have tons of splashy fun!

Then last night there were SEVERE thunderstorms and tornados in surrounding areas! But the sun is shining today and the kids are busy doing projects and playing in the muddy yard. :) I'm working on cleaning out the loft above the garage to make way for my new "studio"! I'm so excited- I'll keep you updated on the progress.
It feels so good to be rid of all the extra "stuff" we had up there- the yard sale last weekend was a HUGE success! I broke my record BIG TIME(as Mickey would say)- $1700!!!!(that should take care of Mickey's retainer- hooray!) I told everyone that it does pay to be a hoarder! :)haha We donated the leftovers to good-will and now I'm organizing the rest of our storage. NOT fun but necessary. Have a wonderful summer day...

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