Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese Party!

Tonight was Jeffrey's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with his friends.
Aunt Jenny came for a while and brought him some awesome Star Wars presents.
John loved them too. :)
Mary Beth's favorite game there: air hockey. She played forever.
Ski Ball!
Max and Noah spending their coins...
Shia was the first to pick some trick gum as a prize(a bug comes out when you pull on a stick of gum) and everyone else wanted one too. Mary Beth's broke 5 times in a row so she decided to get a lip gloss instead.
Shia and Mickey discovered this new game where it seemed like they were going really fast or something- they kept screaming- they LOVED it!
The crowning of the birthday boy.
Oh Chuck E. I remember when the kids used to be scared of him.
Look at this big boy! He loved his crown.
Toy Story Lego cupcakes.
Make a wish!
This was the whole reason Jeffrey wanted to have a Chuck E. Cheese party: the new ticket booth. The birthday kid goes in there and tries to catch as many tickets as he can while they fly all over. It was hard. He did good though and his friends were DYING watching him: screaming and shouting directions at him. He couldn't hear a thing though!
Mickey couldn't be happier: pizza, orange crush, cupcakes, and games.
What a party! Feffers said it was soooo fun. I'm glad.

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