Sunday, December 19, 2010

our gingerbread house

a yearly tradition...

these colors make me happy.
Mary Beth licked the icing off her fingers 3,588 times.
Mickey only helped for awhile and then said he didn't feel good. So he went to lay down. :(
the last few years I've bought the premade gingerbread cut-outs in the box and it really is a fantastic time saver. Unfortunately the one I picked this year was broken in 10 places!!! Ugh. So just add this to my list of ways I'm ruining Christmas this year. What are we on? #2? Wow, not too bad for it being December 19th! Wait, it's actually #3 because I realized today that I forgot to dvr Frosty the Snowman last weekend and therefore the kids missed their chance of watching it. And I'm sure if I think long enough I can come up with some more...
Pretty cute house, huh?

I did so good just letting the kids do what they wanted this year. No micro-managing the design like I usually do. I think teaching pre-school for a couple months cured me of that character flaw. I also did some baking today- more on that later. Plus I have a TON of fun pictures from Christmas with the Porter side to post. Hopefully tomorrow!

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