Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Big Cheese

This week was Mary Beth's special week at Kindergarten: she was the "Big Cheese"! That means that she gets to bring pictures of herself and family & friends for the bulletin board, bring 3 special items to show and tell, she wrote and illustrated a book about herself called "The important Mary Beth Book," and brought one of her favorite books to have her teacher read to the class. One of the best parts about being the Big Cheese though is you get to bring your parents to school! Today was our day.
Mary Beth was so excited! She showed me where all of her stuff was in the room so of course we had to take pictures by it.
First John talked about things Mary Beth loves and then he told the kids about his job. Needless to say that part was B O R I N G. haha- sorry John but you know it was.
Then I talked about my favorite job: being a mom! Then I read another one of Mary Beth's favorite books- Ruthie. It was a fun morning in Kindergarten!

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