Wednesday, February 23, 2011


(reflecting back on when she was younger and making plans for the future with her friends):

No one of us ever said, ”I hope I have a big house full of things that I bought just because they were on sale.”
We never talked about our intentions to own so much stuff that we would spend our free time trying to organize it all.
No one said, “I hope my future kids have so many toys that they can’t pick them up because it’s just so hard.”
{ quote from regarding loosening the grip on "more stuff"}

good point.

i just found her blog and was amazed to find out that her family just up and decided to move to Italy for a year- just because! Um. that's my dream. Now I just have to save enough money to make it happen... I love it when people actually do something that everyone assumes they themselves could never do. It suddenly makes it seem very possible!

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