Monday, February 14, 2011

monster valentine shirt, heart shirt, and a sick little boy...

I made Mary Beth and Jeffrey Valentine's Day shirts this year
(Mickey said he was just going to wear red) but....
he got sick at 5am. Jeffrey came to our room and said "Mickey barfed. And he didn't make it." Nothing wakes you up in a state of sheer terror like those words do. Thankfully he has wood floors in his room and not carpeting. John cleaned the whole thing up for me because he knew there was no way I could handle it without barfing myself. This is one of the reasons he's the best husband in the world. When we got back to bed I thanked him for cleaning it and he said "Happy Valentine's Day." So that might have been one of my presents?? :)
Anyway, so poor Micks Micks has to miss another Valentine's Day at school(he missed his preschool year too!!) after he worked all weekend on his Mario Brothers valentines and this bag and Mary Beth and I made brownies for him to bring to school today. :( I'm trying to make his day special at home and he's getting to watch a bunch of movies so that makes him pretty happy. John dropped off his valentines to his teacher and his bag so that he could still get them all today. It just breaks my heart when the kids miss special days because they are sick.
And as a side note: Jeffrey wanted to give his little friend Stella a special valentine so I made her one of my felt flower pins. Jeffrey was all excited to give it to her.

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