Sunday, November 6, 2011

hoppin hoedown {part 2}

these were taken with my iphone...
first off- arts and crafts
then my favorite- snacks!
Jeffrey's favorite: root beer floats :)
Mickey's catching a bandit...
then we went dancing!!! it was so fun! the boys started out a tish shy about it but then they turned into dancing machines! they played all their favorite songs and then they regretted waiting so long to start dancing because the time flew by and before we knew it- it was over!
they did a drawing for a couple of the balloon bouquets and yes- we won! we seem to win a lot of drawings... I really should think about playing the lottery.
I'm so glad I had this night with my boys. In the car on the way home they said "tonight was the best night of my life." :)

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