Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

I didn't realize that this published yet- I meant to save it until I had time to write the commentary- whoops!
Our Thanksgiving began as usual- we watched the parade in our jammies,
read some books,
acted silly,
ate mini quiche, coffee cake, and fresh fruit for breakfast,

and lit a towel on fire in the oven.
You see, the cookbook gave me a "helpful hint": pour in the pumpkin pie filling after setting the pie plate on the rack- to avoid spilling. Well, it ended up being very unhelpful actually because as I pushed in the rack it hit a bump and a bunch of the filling flew out into the bottom of the oven. John suggested he wet a towel and try to mop up as much as he could so it wouldn't light on fire. Apparently he only put a drop of water on it because next thing we knew the towel ignited(sadly, I was screaming and forgot to take a picture of that) and John had to throw a flaming towel in the sink. The next try included a saturated towel and that worked a lot better. It wasn't completely cleaned up but I had tons of baking to do so I decided to make do. All that meant was the oven was full of smoke for the rest of the day. Looks like I would ruin Thanksgiving this year(as well as Christmas).
SANTA! Our favorite part!
After making several dishes I looked down and noticed a broken nail. I hoped it wasn't in the food... we never found it so I guess it worked out.
Here's the turkey- it never looks like the ones on TV. But it tasted good and we had a wonderful dinner. So it wasn't completely ruined...

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