Sunday, November 13, 2011

playing a little b-ball

Jeffrey is playing basketball for the first time this year- and John is his coach!
He loves it and is improving every week.
Their team name is... the Chipmunks.
Which of course I think is adorable but the players aren't as keen on it.
Because they play other teams with names like the Sharks.
Which I think is even cuter.
The Chipmunks haven't won a game yet but their score keeps going up every game and they are getting a lot better.
A few weeks ago at this game the Chipmunks scored a total of 8 points.
And guess who got 4 of them?
John said when he looked across the gym at me it appeared as if I had just found out I won the lottery. :) I almost dropped my camera both times and didn't get a picture of either shot.
We were so proud of him and he was SOOO happy.
On the way home he said, "I thought in my mind I was going to make a basket today but I never thought I was going to make 2!" :)
I love this picture.

PS: Jeffrey often skips while he is running down the court. It's so cute.
PSS: For awhile every time John would yell at the boys to "move around" to get open Jeffrey would just start wiggling and jiggling his body a lot. But not his legs or feet. They would stay put. After the game I asked him why he was doing that and he said, "because Daddy kept yelling at me to move around!" I love that kid.
PSSS: John is a bit embarrassed by me at the games because apparently I inherited my Dad's yelling/coaching LOUDLY from the sidelines gene... I can't help it... it just comes out.
One of the moms there that I like a lot wouldn't even look at me by the end of the first game.


  1. Awesome! can't wait to see - and btw I probably won't acknowledge I know you either :)