Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jeffrey's birthday night

Jeffrey's birthday night was extra busy (unfortunately)... but we found time to make it special for him. He and Mary Beth had tennis after school and then when we got back John was home from work so Jeffrey opened his presents(because he was DYING!). Then we ate supper(which was his pick) and of course he chose Italian roast beef and garlic butter noodles- his fav! After that Jeffrey was off to cub scouts followed by birthday cake.

This set was from John and I: it's the new lego Christmas set. It's so cute- I can't wait to see it put together! The boys got the other two Christmas sets last year.

drum roll.... he hadn't saved quite enough yet but I couldn't stand letting his birthday go by without opening the much anticipated Harry Potter lego set. I know he's good for the rest of the money. :)
He was so surprised and excited! Thank you to everyone who sent him money so far to put toward it... he has been using every spare moment to put it together- and he's still on the first building. I like how it takes him awhile so the building part lasts longer.

I hope you had a wonderful night Jeffrey.
And I still can't believe you are 9... when we moved to Fargo you had just finished Preschool!?!
But you are still just as sweet as you were then and no matter how old you get you will always be our baby boy...

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  1. You did such a great job! Love the cake!! Jeffrey looks so big for some reason and is looking so much like John Porter. Miss you all. Hugs.