Friday, November 18, 2011

Jeffrey's Birthday Wish

I just looked at the calendar today and realized that Jeffrey is going to turn 9 in a week and a half!?! My little baby Feffers- how can this be? Do you like how every birthday I'm completely shocked that my kids are getting older?
Remember how Mickey saved up his birthday money for Hogwart's Castle? Well I guess it's Jeffrey's turn now because he has his eyes on Diagon Alley. And this, I'm pleased to announce, would completely finish off our Harry Potter lego collection. So... if anyone is looking for birthday ideas for our little man there it is- money to put toward this gigantic lego set(I know some people always like ideas!). They have all the HP sets on display on top of Mickey's dresser- and they play with it ALL THE TIME. I must admit it does look fun! :)
I guess I better figure out when to have his party- and where! I think he's leaning towards a pool party this year like his brother and sister have done in the past.
Oh and just a tid-bit from his parent-teacher conference on Tuesday night: his teacher told us he is basically the only kid in the whole class that always looks like he's paying attention and making eye contact with her. :) And that he never talks when he shouldn't be and is a kind friend to everyone and an excellent student. That's our Feffy!

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