Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jeffrey's birthday night

Jeffrey's birthday night was extra busy (unfortunately)... but we found time to make it special for him. He and Mary Beth had tennis after school and then when we got back John was home from work so Jeffrey opened his presents(because he was DYING!). Then we ate supper(which was his pick) and of course he chose Italian roast beef and garlic butter noodles- his fav! After that Jeffrey was off to cub scouts followed by birthday cake.

This set was from John and I: it's the new lego Christmas set. It's so cute- I can't wait to see it put together! The boys got the other two Christmas sets last year.

drum roll.... he hadn't saved quite enough yet but I couldn't stand letting his birthday go by without opening the much anticipated Harry Potter lego set. I know he's good for the rest of the money. :)
He was so surprised and excited! Thank you to everyone who sent him money so far to put toward it... he has been using every spare moment to put it together- and he's still on the first building. I like how it takes him awhile so the building part lasts longer.

I hope you had a wonderful night Jeffrey.
And I still can't believe you are 9... when we moved to Fargo you had just finished Preschool!?!
But you are still just as sweet as you were then and no matter how old you get you will always be our baby boy...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Jeffrey!

My baby boy is 9 today... my little "turkey baby" as he calls himself. Today I finally googled the next time his birthday will fall on Thanksgiving and it is in 2 years. Apparently it follows a cycle- 5-6-5-11 or something like that. He just happened to be born on the cusp of the 11 phase so when he turns 11 it will fall on turkey day again. Long wait!!

My little Feffy...
when you were a baby people used to say you were the prettiest little boy they ever saw- and you were! Your eyes and eyelashes! They are gorgeous!
You are such a sweet boy... you have been taking care of your little sister since you were two. You also take care of your big brother when need be. You are one of the kindest, most caring gentlemen I know. We are so lucky that God gave us you.
You are fun to play with and fun to be around. You are always smiling(like your Daddy) and you always look at the bright side of everything(again, like your Daddy). You never complain and you are always eager to help everyone.
You are also a snappy dresser. But you usually love to wear comfy clothes. :)
You love cub scouts, playing: basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf, and hanging out with your friends and family.
Your smile melts my heart. You bring so much love to our family...
You are a talented artist,
you love holidays,
and Harry Potter. :)
Swimming too! And showing off your "6 pack" shirtless... :)
You are a joke-ster and love to laugh.
And you are the only other person I know who loves sweets as much as I do!
Happy 9th Birthday my little buddy. You are growing up into such an amazing little man.
And you still call me Mommy! I love that... and I love YOU!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

I didn't realize that this published yet- I meant to save it until I had time to write the commentary- whoops!
Our Thanksgiving began as usual- we watched the parade in our jammies,
read some books,
acted silly,
ate mini quiche, coffee cake, and fresh fruit for breakfast,

and lit a towel on fire in the oven.
You see, the cookbook gave me a "helpful hint": pour in the pumpkin pie filling after setting the pie plate on the rack- to avoid spilling. Well, it ended up being very unhelpful actually because as I pushed in the rack it hit a bump and a bunch of the filling flew out into the bottom of the oven. John suggested he wet a towel and try to mop up as much as he could so it wouldn't light on fire. Apparently he only put a drop of water on it because next thing we knew the towel ignited(sadly, I was screaming and forgot to take a picture of that) and John had to throw a flaming towel in the sink. The next try included a saturated towel and that worked a lot better. It wasn't completely cleaned up but I had tons of baking to do so I decided to make do. All that meant was the oven was full of smoke for the rest of the day. Looks like I would ruin Thanksgiving this year(as well as Christmas).
SANTA! Our favorite part!
After making several dishes I looked down and noticed a broken nail. I hoped it wasn't in the food... we never found it so I guess it worked out.
Here's the turkey- it never looks like the ones on TV. But it tasted good and we had a wonderful dinner. So it wasn't completely ruined...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mary Beth can knit!

Mary Beth has been begging me to teach her to knit forever. I kept putting it off because I figured it would take forever and that she might be too young to learn. Boy was I wrong!
She watched me do two rows and then said "ok Mommy I got it" and took it from me and started knitting. What?!?!?! It took me A LOT longer and she doesn't even make any mistakes! She loves to knit and I can't wait to start taking classes together- although she'll probably be better than me in no time!

So apparently the prime time to learn knitting is age 6. Who knew??
Great job baby girl!

Estelle's 1st Birthday!

Last night Estelle turned 1!
She was so cute at her party- and we had a great time celebrating with her.
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!