Saturday, January 21, 2012

a great birthday present: a fort kit!

I've put this kit together for birthday presents a couple of times now. I think it's so great- I know I would have loved to get this when I was little... who wouldn't?? So when I saw it here, I knew I had to make some up.
This one was for Mary Beth's friend Will who had his birthday party tonight. She was so excited to help me get everything put together. I bought a bunch of plastic clips from IKEA and some inexpensive sheets when we were there a few times ago- keeping this project in mind. I have also used clean sheets from the thrift store washed on my sanitize/steam cycle.
I stamped/labelled some cardstock and then laminated them for the two kinds of clips and the suction cup tag. I just think it was cute that way!
And it gave Mary Beth more things to help with.
The awesome fort tag for the bag was printed from the blog post where I found the whole idea- I laminated that also. I don't know how to make my own yet but someday I hope to learn!

We also included some clothesline, a flashlight, and a doodling book for something cool to do in the fort! Another idea would be to include a cute small lantern instead of the flashlight. They have great ones at Eddie Bauer in different colors.
The party was tons of fun- it was at the YMCA. Lots of great exercise and playing with friends.
And it looked like Will liked his fort kit!

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