Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pet Party!

This morning when John and I came downstairs to fix the kids breakfast we were greeted with this. We were told it was a pet party- and boy was it!
The menu: banana splits, clementines, croissants, and sushi.
There was a parade, balloon animals(courtesy of John- apparently he makes balloon animals??? I'm going to start hiring him out for birthday parties!), and festive decorations(that was already all done when we got up- they did such a good job!)

One thing is for sure: pets are very noisy when they have a party. But they were having such a good time that we didn't mind too much.

Quick story about this puppy: Mickey and I went to the thrift store yesterday and saw a little girl playing with this. My heart skipped a beat because Mary Beth has been wanting one BAD. The little girl was begging for it but her dad told her they may have to come back for it- I think to make her stop screaming and crying(which she was)... and they put it down. They helped her pick out something different and less expensive I think and as soon as they walked away I told Mickey to grab it! I looked it over and it looked brand new just out of the box! SInce it was white I figured that was true since I would be able to see dirt easily. It was $11 which is a bit steep at a thrift store for a toy but I knew MB would go BANANAS over it... so I got it.
And did she ever! She LOVES it and treats it like it's a real dog. I then found out that it sells for $70 at Target so I guess I got a great deal! And as a bonus it didn't even have that thrift store smell on it- it must have just arrived and been put out. I love the thrift store.

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