Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice Skating Classic 2012

Well, it was that time of year again... when I have to bundle up and go stand in the cold and snow all afternoon trying not to get killed by 3 million little kids flying around on ice skates. Luckily, the weather wasn't half bad this year again and I managed to live through the experience although I was quite exhausted at the end(must have been all the walking through snow).
Here are the highlights:
first some cute pics of Mary Beth and her BFF Emma...

It took my forever to find Jeffrey in this mass hysteria which is why he isn't in any of the earlier pictures. John was at a workshop and had to miss this for the first time so I was on my own!

Mary Beth decided to race- and without a chair! It was her first year in the Classic so I was so proud of her! She didn't fall once and did really good.

5th place!
(I think she was upset she didn't finish last though because she wanted the pink ribbon!)
Jeffrey had a master plan... to race with a chair for a better chance at the blue ribbon.

And it worked! But there's a story there... he raced against one other kid- a fourth grader who was in the lead the entire time. But then, right at the end, the other kid suddenly fell somehow and Jeffrey skated by and crossed the finish line first. It didn't make any difference to him how it happened- he was so happy that it ended in a blue ribbon for him!

Mickey never wants to race... he isn't big into entering into a competition that he isn't sure he will win. And there is never anything I can say to change his mind. He had fun skating around and drinking cocoa though!
getting ready to leave... Mary Beth flopped down in the snow and declared it was "so hot!"

What a day!

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