Monday, January 23, 2012

today: teeth & journaling

So today when I picked Mickey up from school at 11:30, he came bouncing down the stairs with a big white thing in his mouth. I was confused as to what it could be. Well, he jumped in the van and announced that he had just pulled his first molar out in the bathroom! I asked when he noticed it was loose and he said this morning- wow! That was fast! Then he realized that he was now tied with Jeffrey so that made it even better.
Then later in the afternoon after we did some Math he went into the bathroom and pulled out another molar and said "There, now I'm ahead of Jeffrey." I began to get nervous that he was going to just keep pulling out all of his teeth... and I guess he did too because he got really worried and told me that was enough for now and could I please make him only soft foods for supper because he didn't know how he was going to manage to eat without any teeth left.
I made mash potatoes. :)
I also wanted to share this new book that arrived from amazon: it's called Rip the Page and it is so great! If you click on the link you can look inside it on amazon. I may get one for myself(it's not just for kids). I knew Mickey would love it because you can doodle in it and rip pages out be creative! He spent a lot of time with it today(when he was busy ripping teeth out of his mouth that is!).
Then I also gave him a new composition book and printed out a list of 75 writing prompts for his age level and glued it to the inside cover. He seems to really enjoy writing if he has some control over the topic- and when he is allowed to illustrate it! I think it's important to follow his passion and keep writing fun for him so that it doesn't turn into something he hates.
His journal writing today was Diary of a Molar. I love it! Notice the canine tooth is barking.
When Mary Beth got home and saw Mickey's writing journal she begged to have one of her own. I happen to have a pink one in my stash so all was right with the world! She worked so hard on it! She loves writing and drawing also- look at that little face! I just want to kiss those cheeks a million times a day! Oh wait, I do.
See her writing prompts? They are for first graders- she wanted it to be just like Mickey's. Naturally!

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