Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lego Mania 2011

Apparently there is a Lego competition that goes on every year at the library and I just found out about it this past December. The kids thought it sounded like fun(although it did take some coaxing as far as Mickey was concerned since he HATES competitions) so they worked on their creations for a couple of days leading up to Lego Mania.
Since it was on December 28th I figured there wouldn't be too many kids there- with the holidays and all... boy was I wrong! Some of you know that I, unlike Mickey, am HIGHLY competitive and the sight of so many other kids there gave me heart palpitations. I, naturally, wanted all 3 kids to win! :) John kept trying to give me little pep talks- urging me to be low key. I think I did pretty good considering...
There was a professor of Architect from the University there as a judge- as well as some Architect students. Yikes! There was also a People's Choice voting thing going on. The pressure!! I could barely stand the suspense... we had to just hang out in the library for about 45 minutes with all the competitors while the judging was going on. I felt like throwing up.
Then it was finally time to announce the winners...
Well, there was a side competition going on too... a guess how many Legos are in the jar. That was announced first. Happily Jeffrey won that(well, technically it was a tie but whatever)!! Above he is accepting his prize- I know it is blurry- I was holding the phone up above my head to try and get the shot.
Then it was time for the winners of the 4-6 age group... Mary Beth won 1st place!!!!!! I yelled REALLY loud when they said her name- a lot of people looked over at me with a shocked look on their face. I'm used to that so no biggie! We are so proud of that little peanut! She made her creation ALL BY HERSELF. She won a $20 gift card to Toys R Us. Isn't that cool??

Mickey and Jeffrey received participant ribbons- sadly they didn't place but they were REALLY good about it- not sore losers at all. Which is not something they are known for so John and I were happily surprised. :) People all loved their creations though- they worked hard on them and they were excellent. There was so many competitors in their age brackets though...
After I took this picture the professor came up to me and told me that he thought Jeffrey's was really good and it was the next one in line for 3rd place. That was very nice but I can never figure out if it's better to know that or worse...
Lego Mania 2011 was a great experience for the kids and John and a stressful one for me- shocking I know... we will definitely keep doing it in the coming years. At least we know what to expect now! Maybe more ribbons next year?? Just kidding- winning isn't what's important(well, that's what I've heard anyway).

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  1. We read about this in the newspaper and Jacob and Isaac wanted so bad to drive over for it. However, it was the day before, we already had plans and we didn't have time that day to even think about getting the legos out to create anything. Maybe I can talk the new librarian in J-town into holding a similar event, she is super energetic and is trying to kick start a lot of new programs (most of which she is copying from other towns like Fargo). I am glad the kids had so much fun with it!