Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dissecting an Owl Pellet

This is from last spring but I forgot to press publish and it has been sitting in the draft section for a year!!  It is pretty cool so I will publish it today so everyone can see it and then move it to the correct date later....

Mickey had been BEGGING me to find him an owl pellet to dissect for a long time so after a bunch of looking around I decided to order one from Amazon.
What is an owl pellet you ask?
Well, here is a funny youtube video/song so you can learn about it:




Mick had a great time finding all the little bones but he didn't want his brother and sister to miss out on all the fun so he saved some for them to dissect when they got home from school.

They also loved it.

This is the kit we ordered.
You can order just a pellet alone too I believe.  The only thing you have to pay attention to is if it is a real pellet or if it is a pretend on(with plastic bones)- I don't think that would be as fun!

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