Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our St. Patrick's Day {leprechaun antics, garland, & reubens}

I made french toast this morning(which we NEVER have & it's my fav) and while I was flipping them I thought... wait a minute!  It's St. Patrick's Day!  Oh well, no one cared we were starting it off with a french theme thank goodness.

And then this is what greeted us after church this morning:

The leprechaun sure had a good time making a huge mess in the bathroom!

I decided to whip up some garland quick since we don't really have any St. Patrick's Day decorations.
I just punched out circles out of cardstock and fed them through my sewing machine.
The whole project took about 10 minutes.

Then it was time to start constructing the leprechaun traps- this often goes on for hours.

For supper I made homemade reubens(my fav!), chips(a treat!), pickles, and root beer(get it, like dark beer?) :)  Oh and Mickey made an announcement that reubens are his new favorite sandwiches.
Oh yeah, and for dessert we had green cupcakes- I think I forgot to take a picture of those.


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