Friday, March 22, 2013

Mickey's Lego Monster Fighter Birthday Party (eleven}

This party was back on Sept. 27th and I just realized I forgot to post it! Yikes!
I have been catching up on a lot of posts so keep going back in time- there are tons of new ones...

Mickey wanted a Lego Monster Fighter themed birthday party this year because it was his newest Lego obsession.  He saved up all of his birthday money to by the giant haunted house.  We waited until late Sept. to have his friend pool party and it worked out perfectly because all of the Halloween stuff was out at Target.  Great for a MONSTER theme!

We used his new haunted house as the centerpiece, some black candelabras, black spiders, and balloons for the table decorations.  The party was at the Casselton Governor's Inn Water Park.  When he requested the location he thought he was asking for a party at the water park in Wausau where my parents live.  He was devastated to find out that I scheduled it in Casselton(which is already 25 minutes away!) and could not understand why it would be a problem for everyone to drive 7 hours there and back to go the the water park he really wanted! It was quite a miscommunication! Oh Micks Micks...

I think this is my favorite Lego set we have.  There are so many great details-
and I love haunted houses!

Target had the cutest little cans of pop- they had monsters on them!  Perfect!

I used mashed up chocolate creme-filled cookies on a chocolate cake, shoved in some gummy worms, spiders, and "tombstones", and placed some lego pieces around- it turned out pretty cool.
He got several more Monster Fighter sets and said it was the "best day ever"
(which he says a lot but it's always nice to hear!) :)

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