Monday, March 25, 2013


Yesterday was the big day... the boys were getting haircuts(John included).
Mickey was fine- Jeffrey seemed to have accepted the inevitable.   I didn't expect any tears.

Mickey went first.  John did a little bit so I could take a picture.

Back to the basic buzz cut!

Next came Jeffrey.  He was in a good mood, fooling around...

we experimented with a mullet for fun,

and then a long mohawk.  He started to get upset because I wouldn't leave it like this.

Then I tried to keep it a bit longer on top to appease him but I didn't do a very good job(of either).

So it all ended in tears and then I ended up just buzzin it all.  He got out of there before I could take a final picture though.  It's the same but shorter.  I should learn some other hair styles I know but this is just too easy!  And since they hate getting haircuts these way means longer times between the cuts.
He was fine by the time his shower was over so all is well.  His head just looks so small now!!

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  1. They look great. Something must be in the air- Eliott cut his hair last week too (and shaved). They look so much younger with short hair.