Monday, March 4, 2013

pinewood derby races {cub scouts} 2013

It was time once again for the annual cub scout pinewood derby races... and this year Mary Beth decided she was going to make a car too and race it in the bonus round at the end(for all of the siblings and residents at the VA hospital).

Here's the boys waiting with excitement for the fun to begin!

The line-up.

Jeffrey's won several races but for some reason(we don't quite understand why) he didn't make it to the finals.  Maybe there was something not right, a mix up?  Who knows.  John didn't question it and Jeffrey seemed ok so we just let it ride...

Mickey's was really fast too considering he barely cut anything off and was entering it for looks only.
He won a prize- the category?  "Closest to the Kit"  hahaha....

there goes MB's! 

Her's did really good too- we think it came in 4th overall in her division.

This nice man's car won 1st place and he was so happy!
He said he won last year too.  With the same car. :)  He keeps all his ribbons in a ziploc with his car.
I hope he enters again next year!!

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