Tuesday, February 2, 2010

happy groundhog day!

My kids were so excited it was Groundhog Day that I felt bad I didn't do more to celebrate it. They love all these small, obscure holidays: May Day, St. Patrick's Day, Groundhog Day, ect. It's cute though... last year we made little pop-up groundhogs but this year I really dropped the ball in the craft department. I guess I wasn't in the groundhog mood since YET AGAIN he saw his shadow. Big surprise. I'm COLD!!!! I want it to be spring more than anything right now and seeing as how I live in Fargo, I only have oh, let's see, like 3 more months of winter to go! And I'm not exaggerating either. Sigh...
Today Mary Beth and I spent 3 hours at Target- yikes! And she only asked to go home once. What a good girl I have. Time sure flies there. It's like I enter a time warp or something. It literally felt like 10 minutes to me.
Well- I'm off to watch LOST- yeah!!!! A perfect ending to Groundhog Day.

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