Wednesday, February 3, 2010

our valentine heart crayons project

ummm...this is the bag of crayons that Jeffrey brought home from school a few weeks ago. He is on his 3rd box of crayons now(which seems ridiculous to me since it was early January when he told me he needed a new box) and apparently he not only uses them a lot but he also breaks them into a zillion tiny pieces. You can imagine my surprise when he handed me this giant bag. What on earth????? So remember when I bought these ice cube heart molds at Target awhile back and said we made crayons with them? Well here's how we did it...
1. Spent 15 hours peeling the paper off teeny tiny pieces of crayons and putting them in the trays. I decided that I wouldn't stick with the same colors but kept them in color families instead.

2. placed tray in oven on 250 degrees(just to slowly melt them)
3. start freaking out because I realize that these are just ice cube trays from the dollar section in Target and probably not meant to be placed in a 250 degree oven!! No where on the packaging does it say "silicone" which would make me feel better
4. open the oven 33 times and touch the tray each time to see if it's about to melt all over the rack and oven---- it did get pretty soft and saggy around the edges but never melted or stuck to the rack--- crisis averted.
5. pulled out of the oven and just set on the counter to cool and harden- I loved how they looked before they cooled

6. ta-da! all done!
These make a cute Valentine's Day gift(just in a bag with a bow) and I also saw another really great idea here at ohdeedoh(love that blog): DIY Valentine's Day Crayon Cards . I found this idea after I already made my crayons so I think I'll make a bunch more and do this for Jeffrey's class cards(this time multi-colored).
I got the idea to make the heart crayons from Meg at Whatever(love her blog)- she used the same concept to make alphabet crayons. I plan on also trying those also since I still have a zillion minus 50 crayon pieces to use up.

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