Friday, February 5, 2010

ice skating classic

today was the "ice skating classic" at the boys' school. they do this every year- 1 week of ice skating lessons with their gym teacher and then at the end of the week is the big classic. this was the first year Jeffrey got to participate(kindergartners don't do it) so he was soooo excited! there is free skate and races... mickey told us he wouldn't be racing this year(he didn't last year either) due to an injury(he had a blister) but Jeffrey raced with his chair and got 4th place! it was so cute- he got a ribbon and everything. then there was hot cocoa for all and some play time in the snow. it was so warm out- 38 degrees!!! but it was snowing so that made the ice a little sketchy. i was just so thankful that it wasn't 0 degrees like last year. i do NOT do well in very cold weather. or snow. or wind. or ice. sooo......
afterwards mickey was off to his final cross-country skiing lessons- I'll post pics of that tomorrow- and then tonight the boys went to a Fargo Force game(hockey). what a big day around here!

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