Sunday, February 14, 2010

We love Valentine's Day

We started our morning with heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries and whip cream(this happens to be my favorite breakfast!) and when I went to open the little heart picks I bought at Hobby Lobby I noticed they were all upside down. Strange. Oh well- the kids thought it was funny. I used my new griddle(thanks mom!) and made the pancakes HUGE- Mickey and Jeffrey actually ate 2 I think!!! We also had deer sausage- Mickey and John's favorite...
Red shirts on everyone!

John looks like he hasn't slept in days for some reason. Maybe because the window has started to drip water again. :( It is really worrying him... Notice I'm never in any pictures. I have to hand the camera off more often.

After church and watching Charlie Brown Valentine movie the kids did their annual Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. They LOVE this so much. I hid their treats at the end- this year I used the gift bags my parents sent for them because they got their gift from us a couple weeks early. Long story.

The boys were really good about taking turns with Mary Beth(letting her find some of the clues). And there were no tears. However, Mary Beth did cry about 500 times today for various reasons- I'm sure do to the fact that we didn't get home until 11:30 last night. Another long story(I'll share tomorrow).

They found their surprises! Thank you for the wonderful gift bags mom and dad- the kids loved everything.

There's my pink tulips on the table(my v-day present along with the big scrapbook I got earlier). I LOVE pink tulips.

After the scavenger hunt we ran to Sam's Club where Jeffrey ate about 12 sample pieces of pizza(not exaggerating) and then out to eat at the Snap Dragon- our favorite Chinese restaurant here. Then John got his gifts and the kids went to bed. EARLY. What a great day.

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