Friday, May 21, 2010

big day

Today was a big day in the Porter household. It was Mary Beth's last day of Preschool. Ever. I cried which made her cry and then everyone was looking at me like "what's the matter with you?" She's my youngest child and she's now going to be in elementary school. I don't like that and I'm a basket case. I've cried every day for a week and I'm sure it will continue on through the summer and a good portion of kindergarten... don't think I'm kidding.

They had bike day- they rode their bikes around in the park and then had popsicles and cake. Oh yeah, and they had smores for snack at 10am. Needless to say it was the best day of her life in the sweets department.
My parents are here visiting for Mickey's First Communion and Confirmation(which was tonight-pictures to come tomorrow) so they got to come and hang out for MB's last day festivities. She loved that.
This is her shirt from a previous post- the one she spray painted at school. It turned out so cute and she planned all week that she would wear it on the last day.
Yummy, yummy carrot cake. My favorite.

One last picture of her classroom... :( However, I'll be back there in the fall because I decided to be a long term sub for one of MB's teachers- she's having a baby in September. It should be fun! I love preschoolers- they are so sweet and appreciative. I just wish Mary Beth would still be there. I will know many of the kids though(siblings of Mary Beth's friends and kids coming back again).
Another milestone... you are such a big girl now Mary Beth- but you'll always be my little baby.
It was also Mickey's First Communion and Confirmation tonight, as I mentioned, and it was really special and nice. I have a bunch of pictures and a possible video to share but I will do it in a separate post tomorrow or Sunday. I'll also resume my Friday "this moment" posts next week.

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