Saturday, May 1, 2010


Like many other of the insignificant holidays, my children LOVE celebrating May Day.
This year we decided to make paper flowers to leave on our friends' doorsteps instead of "baskets" of candy. They are prettier, healthier, and a fun craft project for the kids.
These were a big deal in Texas(I lived there for 4 years during high school)- especially around cinco de mayo and "Fiesta"- an annual celebration in San Antonio down on the Riverwalk.
We spent all morning making these... the kids took breaks here and there but we managed to get them all done.
This isn't all of them- we had already delivered a bunch by the time I took this picture.
These bright colors make me so happy! I wanted to keep them all for myself!I had some little bees left from Mickey's homemade Valentine cards this year so we decided to glue them in the flowers. Mickey is learning about bees right now in science so he thought this was a good idea.
I made little name tags out of some cute springy cardstock and tied them on with some ribbon. I think they really turned out cute!
The one downside was that it was a really chilly, gloomy, rainy day outside. Not very May Day-ish at all! So they tried to deliver them in between bouts of rain showers and they also had to leave them inside the doors so that they didn't get ruined by the rain if the people weren't home.

Mickey said "this was the best May Day ever!"- they say that every year. :) They never got caught but Mary Beth did catch their little friend Stella so she got a kiss! Hope all of you had a great May Day too!

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