Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ses!

Today is my sister's birthday- 29 is it??? Yikes!

Some tid-bits about my sister: I used to call her Ses when were were younger(because we loved the Avonlea series) and she called me Moose or Moose-man(there is no good reason for that). She thought that was super funny and still does. We didn't get along for most of our growing up years and my mom would always say we'd be really close when we were adults. I didn't believe her but she was right!
Sarah laughs all the time, she is usually always happy but when she isn't she ISN'T- there is no inbetween. She tells people how she feels so there is never any guessing games- I think this is great since I am not like that(most of the time). Sarah has a very kind heart and would do anything for anyone. She is a wonderful mother, wife, sister, and daughter. Sarah is very fun to be around and has a crazy ability to sing, chant, and make other noises- constantly. As an added bonus to everyone she is raising her daughter to do the same. She is funny and ALWAYS thinks I'm hilarious(one of her best qualities). :) I wish that I lived by my sisters- I get so envious of people I know that have their family here in the same town... Sisters are the best- and Sarah, thank you for making my life more interesting and fun- I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday old gal!
You can thank me later for not putting up the picture of you in your swimsuit wearing snowboots at the hotel pool.... Also: where on earth is that picture of you and me on the day you went home?? I can find it in my pictures!

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