Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meeting Seth

Look at all these cute cousins!
Tonight the Websters came to visit us, bring the tiny new baby Seth for us to meet for the first time. The kids all had a great time as usual while John and I had the best time holding the baby all evening.
Mary Beth touched Annie's hand at one point and turned to me saying "I like Annie." :) So sweet. They stuck pretty close together all night doing a bunch of girly things.
There's probably nothing John loves more than holding a tiny baby. I think I still managed to get in more time than him but it was pretty close.
Look at this precious little peanut! I just wanted to squeeze him so tight and kiss him a million times but I controlled myself and acted appropriately. Gosh I love babies... is there anything better???
Jeffrey loved the baby. He says he wants one and even promised to change the diapers to sweeten the deal. :)
We were so nervous for Mickey to hold Seth(after the goat incident). He assured me that he wouldn't drop him or throw him down if he kicked or cried so I put a bunch of pillows around him and prayed for the best.
He didn't drop him and was so careful and cute about it. Mickey has never shown much interest in babies so it was really nice to see this.

Mary Beth: quit sucking your thumb!!!!

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