Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Program

Mary Beth's teachers.

A smile!!!!

Today was Mary Beth's preschool Spring Program. It was adorable and sad because it was their last preschool program ever. :(

Here are some of the things Mary Beth loves about programs:
1. standing on "risers"
2. Mommy and Daddy coming to school
3. Eating treats after the program
4. Wearing a dress and tall-up shoes
5. Getting her hair curled
Here are some of the things Mary Beth hates about programs:
1. singing
2. looking like she is having the slightest bit of fun
3. smiling
4. hand motions that go with the songs
5. people looking at her
These all have applied to every single program for the last 2 years with no exception. But I still record them and smile at her and give her the thumbs up. I basically act like everything is totally great up there. Because it is! We are proud of how brave you are Mary Beth- I know it's scary sometimes to have all those people watching you...
And thank you for singing us the songs at home. You were wonderful!

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