Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Everyone was so excited...
Mickey: 4th grade
Jeffrey: 2nd grade
Mary Beth: Kindergarten

I'm so proud of myself- I got watery eyes but didn't cry today. Mary Beth could barely stand how excited she was to go to school. After 2 years of only speaking about 10 words in preschool, her teacher said she talked up a storm today. ???? She always surprises us. Won't it be ironic if she starts getting in trouble for talking too much? Oh little Mary Beth...
Jeffrey is happy that a bunch of his friends are in his class and a fantastic teacher. He said he and his friends all hugged eachother at recess- they were so happy to be together again. :)
Mickey really likes his teacher and has some great kids in his class. He was the least excited to go back to school but said he had a great day. Everyone keeps telling me that 4th grade is big time and major, serious school work- yikes!
I think this year will be great- and even though I'm going to be lonely and sad at home all by myself for the next month until my preschool teaching job begins, the kids will be having a great time at school. And that makes me happy.

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