Monday, August 16, 2010

Let the 'Wild Rumpus' Begin!

There's a cute little children's book store in Linden Hills(Minneapolis area) called Wild Rumpus. We LOVE it there.

They have chickens just walking around!

Look at the ceiling!?!

There's a big person door and a child size door. How adorable is that???

My sister Amy catching up on some old favorites... that's a cat napping under the chair. There are cats running around the store also.
Hi Dad!(nice smile!)

Unique decor...

John always sits here and waits for Mary Beth to bring him various books to read to her.

There are also: ferrets, chinchillas, lizards, spiders, fish, birds, and various other animals around the shop. Kids think it's the best store in the world!

cute, cute, cute
Jeffrey's teacher told us about it last year and we were amazed the first time we went. Now we go every time we are in the cities and we tell everyone we know about it. It kinda reminds me of Meg Ryan's shop in You've Got Mail(which I'm obsessed with. because I want a shop like that. and because her hair is great in that movie.)
Hello chicken.
If you have kids and you've never been to Wild Rumpus- please go. You won't be sorry. You'll love it and your kids will LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

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