Monday, August 2, 2010

tour of the backyard

a make-shift balance beam that creates a path to:
this red ladder that the kids use to go back and forth to their friends' backyard and vice-versa.

my fav: blue hydrangeas

the playhouse/clubhouse: i'm assuming they tied the rope there
to ring the chimes from the window :)

i'm not allowed to buy anymore child rocking chairs for awhile...

i heart pinwheels. and mushrooms.
my peacock- i bought him because the peacocks at the zoo chased me down one day to try and steal my nachos. the kids thought it was hilarious and talk about it all the time.
this year i planted organic lettuce in my window boxes so the slugs couldn't reach them.
so far it worked.
zucchini and squash- one of the few things in the veggie garden the slugs don't destroy.
i hate slugs.

our new edition this year: the pond. it makes me happy. :)

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