Thursday, September 1, 2011

Minnesota Zoo

On Sunday, August 7th, on the way home from WI we decided to make a quick trip to the Minnesota Zoo to see the new penguin exhibit that was being advertised everywhere. It was 2 hours before closing time but we thought- no big deal! we have our zoo pass which gets us in free and we can come back another time to see the rest of the zoo. WELLLL... we handed the guy our Fargo pass like usual except this time he said: $40 please. WHAT??? Apparently the reciprocity is only 1/2 off admission now!! It wouldn't have been so bad if 1. we knew that and 2. we had more than 2 hours to see a huge zoo! because of course after spending $40 you don't want to just look at a few things and leave! Another surprise: the penguin exhibit was just a small enclosed case with a few penguins running around. I guess we were expecting a bit more after all the hype! Like a whole area with several different penguin species, ect. Oh well. The good news was that it was a special night where this one union was getting in free and the hours were extended so we ended up staying for about 3 hours and saw most of the zoo(with no dilly-dallying). I guess we will be going to the Como Zoo from now on! We had fun though.

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