Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Buffalo River- trouble again!

me- M A D

Do you remember last year when I wrote about the mean boy at this beach? Welllll.... we braved it again on August 21st and this time we had a WORSE experience than the last!!
Here we go:

When we arrived there was hardly anyone there so we picked a nice spacious patch of sand to set up on and the kids got right to work on their elaborate sand castles/ cities. There was a picnic table right behind us in the grass and I usually put some of our stuff on it if that happens but since there was so much room everywhere and we weren't going to use it I just left it empty. It turns out that would be the biggest mistakes of my life.(not literally as Mickey would say) Because... a group of two families came later and completely ruined the rest of our day. With endless choices of picnic tables and beach space they chose to claim the picnic table 3 feet behind us as the perfect one for them!?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY????? They had toddlers- of course and "forgot" to bring any sand toys- OF COURSE! I knew immediately what was in store but I could have never in my wildest dreams imagined how it would actually play out. As predicted the kids not only wanted to use all of our stuff but also kept walking through our area/wrecking our castles to get to and from the water! Did their parents care? Guess. At one point one of the little boys was walking all through Mickey's castles(which if you know Mickey was completely devastating on many levels- so he started hyperventilating) and then walked with his sandy feet all over our blanket, Mary Beth's snack, and some towels!!! The mom and dad just COULD NOT manage to hoist themselves up from their lounging position to get their son- so they just kept calling his name in a sing song voice and said "ooooohhhh- sorry" after the sandy snack walk. I was so upset by this point after all of the shenanigans that had come before that I stood up, didn't acknowledge them, angrily picked up the snacks, shook out the blanket, consoled Mickey and tried to help him fix his ruined city. Not long after this when John and the kids were in the water, the mom I mentioned above walked directly down to the water(through our area!!!!) and purposely stepped on top of one of Mickey's castles on the way!!!! I gasped. What kind of mother would do that???? Then she waded out to her husband and told him something, he looked up at me and then they both started laughing together. Were they psychopaths???? I was furious!!! I just kept wishing my sisters were there to take care of the situation because I was too scared to- and they aren't. The mean mom was a "big gal" and she definitely seemed like the type that would cause a ruckus. And since I prefer never to be beaten up(especially in front of my children) I decided to just shoot dirty looks from behind my sunglasses and make passive aggressive comments to John- just loud enough for them to hear. That showed them.
Thankfully, they left about an hour later and I demanded we stay longer just so I could enjoy some peace for awhile. What is the deal with this beach??? Why can't we catch a break there? But I'm over it now- can you tell?


  1. It sounds a little like your rumble in the jungle at the playland in the mall. Good stuff.