Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday John Porter

Today was John's birthday. He and the boys spent last night camping out with the cub scouts and got home at about 8:30am. Mary Beth and I were eagerly waiting with all the presents ready. The kids have been so excited for this day because they knew he would love his gifts!
Whenever Mickey would ask John what he wanted the last couple months, John would reply: a red pick up truck.... so Mickey decided to give him a toy one to be funny. :)
I got him a new trimmer- he's been wanting one without a cord(he said gas but after a lot of researching I decided to get him this one instead)- it runs on an lithium-ion battery.
Here is Mickey's birthday card for John- Mickey LOVES Hoops and YoYo.

And here was Jeffrey's idea for John: a leaf blower. He told me that's what he wanted to get Daddy about a month before and since I had no ideas I went with it! Researching that on amazon is what led me to also get him the matching trimmer-(same company and they share the same battery). John LOVED it- he said it was one of the best presents we've ever given him! Apparently he really wanted one! So good job Jeffrey!
And then this is what went on for the next 2 hours. :)
We had a nice day together and then went to our friend's house for a cook-out/ double birthday party which was lots of fun.

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