Wednesday, September 14, 2011

camping in Maplewood

you'll never believe it... but I went camping!
in a tent!
for 2 nights!
for the first time in 12 years!
there were cyotes howling, owls hooting, acorns falling on our tent constantly, and loons calling... ALL night long! PLUS: I had a horrible cold and it was FA-REEZING at night.
But, despite all of those things...
I had fun!
I might even do it again next year... :)
here are some of my favorite pictures:

roughing it:

our 2 bedroom tent:
our campsite was right on the lake!
view from our campsite:
pictures from our hike(there's a lot!):
Jeffrey's caterpillar(he was dead):

animal hole/home:
cool fungi:
bee close-up:
lilypad close-up
my 2nd time wearing my new tennis shoes that I bought a year ago(both times were for hikes):
spider web:
beaver lodge:
to be continued in next post...

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