Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Russian Nutcracker Ballet

Last night we travelled to Grand Forks to see The Russian Nutcracker Ballet. It was the first time we've taken the kids and we were all so excited!
Of course we had to dress up fancy with clip on ties and fur coats and sparkle shoes and slicked back hair.

And we definatly had to eat at a fancy restaurant before the show- Red Lobster!
Mary Beth was gazing down at Clara who was taking pictures before the show.
Except her name wasn't Clara in this Russian version- it was Meesha or something like that.

The ballet was amazing and the kids loved it! They watched intently the whole time. I'm so happy that they enjoyed it as much as I was hoping they would. It was a perfect night. Even John liked it! I hope we will go again in a couple years.
Mary Beth brought a program to show her ballet teacher and she told her that their school will be performing the Nutcracker next year- YEAH!!!
Her dream is to be Clara someday or the Snow Queen....

All these last pictures are from my phone(not so great).

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