Friday, December 16, 2011

opening presents

So, in all the excitment and activity from the day before, we ran out of time to exchange Christmas presents! The kids were counting on it being done in their jammies so we got up the next morning, ate our fantastic hotel breakfast, and headed to my parents' room to begin opening. The kids were so excited! We also had some birthday gifts in there too... mine, Jeffrey's, and my mom's.

The kids all read their new books right away when we got home and loved them.

story here(and sorry your eyes are closed in this one Dad): my mom, my sisters and I had been under the impression our whole life that my dad LOVED chocolate covered cherries. So every year for Christmas we would give him a box. Then one year he off-handedly remarked that it's funny that he keeps getting them considering he doesn't even really care for them. ?!?!?!What?????? How did that misunderstanding ever happen???
Then it just became a joke to keep giving them to him and get a good laugh about it.
So hence, the chocolate covered cherries picture...
John does legitimately LOVE pistachios. So don't worry about that Mom. :)
Here's my birthday present from my parents:
I just love how my mom wraps everything so beautifully! I never want to actually open anything. It was a wonderful framed picture of my great-great grandma, my great-grandma, and my great aunt from many years ago. They were a very special part of my life and I miss them so much... thank you for such a thoughtful present Mom and Dad- I will treasure it always.
Mary Beth got a vanity for her American Girl- my mom found it at an antique store and put in a new mirror. It was one of Mary Beth's most favorite gifts this year- she plays with it all the time.

the boys LOVED their legos and all their other gifts...

my other favorite wrapping:
We loved all of our presents- thank you again Mom and Dad! And what a great trip!

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