Wednesday, December 21, 2011

gifts for teachers and friends

I got the brilliant idea this morning that we would make candy cane reindeer for everyone in the kids' classes.... that's about 75. So when it came down to actually making them this evening with the kids, it stopped being fun after about the 20th one. And that's about the time I stopped getting help. Oh well, they turned out cute!
Tomorrow morning is also the "favorite things" gift exchange my friends and I are doing. We are each bring 5 of our favorite things to pass out and so everyone will leave with 5 presents- the concept is like Oprah... but not a car.
I am bringing one of my favorite lip balms and a navy blue wool/felt flower pin that I love making. I hope everyone will like them!

Then we also had to make the teacher gifts: snow globes from jelly jars that the kids made and a gift card to Barnes and Noble for the female teachers- Scheels for Mickey's teacher.
They turned out so cute!
Here's how we packaged it:
Busy night but lots of fun crafts too!

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