Friday, December 2, 2011

Jeffrey & Stella

Jeffrey's friend Stella invited him to attend her violin recital tonight. He was so excited to go- it was adorable. He got dressed all fancy and had me do "handsome hair."
Stella's mom(my friend Jen) said that Jeffrey carried Stella's violin case in for her and then sat up front with all the performers. She said he was such a gentleman all night. :) Just what I like to hear... it's very important to John and I that our boys have good manners always act like a gentleman. I hope that they will continue to do so as they get older.
They let Jeffrey take an ornament home along with the other performers and he took full advantage of the cookies I'm told. :)
Afterwards, they went to Spicy Pie for pizza. Jeffrey was ecstatic to get his own giant root beer!
They are so cute- I hope they stay friends forever...

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  1. So cute. It's so funny how when your boys were little they look so much like you, and now as they grow they look more and more like John. That happened with my kids, too. He is really growing up!